“Each gives to each, and like the star gets back its gift in tenfold pay.” (Joachim Miller)

Tenfold started with one simple question: what does independent living really mean? It means the right amenities and smart support that enable residents to be spontaneous, and to feel youthful, useful and mobile. It means belonging to a real community, where shared experiences are balanced by attention to individual interests. Most importantly, it means that residents make a contribution – to one another, to the running of the community, and to the world around them. 

Fifteen years ago, the Tenfold team came together to create senior housing that is different by design. With our collective experience as developers, architects, management partners, and interior designers, we’ve built and operated 5 successful senior communities in California. Because we work collaboratively to refine every detail of every project — from inception to execution — our integrated, responsive approach is as well-considered as communities we create.