Coronavirus Updates

Date:    3/19/2020 (updated)

To:       Prairie City Landing Community

From:   Eric A. Hostetter, Executive Director

Re:       Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

 Like communities across our country and around the world, we are facing the challenge and uncertainty caused by COVID-19. As is the case in all things associated with Prairie City Landing, our first concern is for the continued health and well-being of our residents and staff. We’ve always said that we value honest communication, and that matters now more than ever.

In that spirit, we will continue to share with you what we learn, what measures we are taking to safeguard our community, and how it will affect the day-to-day life of you and your families.

  • As of today, March 19, the Sacramento County Health Department has imposed an order requiring all individuals living in the county to stay at home. We are strictly adhering to this policy and asking all residents to remain in their apartments. However, everyone is encouraged to get outside and exercise, but doing so responsibly and with appropriate social distancing.
  • We are closed to all visitors, with the exception of health providers and essential vendors. Please use the telephone, Facetime or other video calling to keep up with your loved ones. Hearing from you will be especially important to them during this time. If you wish to email us a video to share with your loved one we are happy to do that as well.
  • Any health providers or essential vendors who do come must enter and exit through the main entrance to the community. They will be screened for any respiratory symptoms or exposure risks, and we will check their temperature. Anyone who has symptoms or a fever will be turned away for the safety of our residents.
  • All staff must come and go through the main entrance to the community. They too will be screened for respiratory symptoms or exposure risks, and we will check temperature prior to working with residents each shift. Any staff member who has symptoms or fever will be sent home and will not be allowed to return until cleared for work according to our guidelines (we have extended our sick leave policy during this time).
  • Everyone entering the building must sanitize their hands upon entering the community.
  • We are coordinating delivery services for groceries and sundry supplies to residents. If they need anything, they should contact the front desk and we’ll assist them.
  • Our dining rooms are closed, but we are taking orders and delivering meals to every resident apartment.
  • Obviously, all events, inside and outside of the building, have been canceled; but we are doing our best to deliver a little joy to all of our residents in their apartment throughout the day.
  • We will continue to follow our rigorous protocol for all resident care, implementing any new measures advised by the CDC as they come to our attention.
  • Residents with any respiratory or flu-like symptoms will be quarantined to their apartments.
  • We are monitoring updates with the CDC daily, as well as postings from our state health departments and the Department of Social Services. Any additional recommendations will be implemented as appropriate.

My door is always open, and while I can’t predict what will happen, I can be as open with this community as I would be with my own family and friends. I ask for your cooperation and understanding as my staff and I do our best to create a safe environment for all of your loved ones. I encourage all of us – residents, friends and family – to be thoughtful and careful, to stay in touch, and to do our collective best to retain our spirit of optimism.